Who We Are

Rivkah Carl

Rivkah’s passion for building efficient and effective data driven products to better improve education and assist non-for-profits is evident through her involvement in both her formal and informal professional activities. After completing her BA in Economics and Mathematics from Barnard College and a Masters in Applied Mathematics, Rivkah worked for a number of Jewish educational nonprofits both in the US and in Europe. At the same time, Rivkah has served in a number of product management roles at ed-tech and fin-tech startups where she utilized data to develop marketing strategies as well as managed teams of engineers to develop and deliver products to help students and users through complicated processes. Through the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, both in Berlin and Athens, Rivkah taught, managed and coordinated educational programming to further connect Jewish teens to learn, explore and internalize their Jewish heritage. Rivkah has been passionate about developing a transliteration tool since the first time she manually transliterated text from Hebrew to German knowing technology could save hours of time and is thrilled that Ta’atik has been embraced by communities around the globe.


Charles Loder


Charles is a frontend web developer who loves all languages, but Hebrew and JavaScript are his favorites. His love of Hebrew began at Boyce College, and he then earned an MA in Jewish Studies from Rutgers University. He has particiated in the academic world through writing articles, presenting at conferences, and freelance editorial work for publishers in the field. Charles became interested in using technology to help make his work easier. He developed his first transliteration tool to help expedite the process. You can find Charles’s work on his Academia and Github pages. With Ta’atik, Charles hopes to use technology to help make the lives of others better.